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Effective CMS website development is all
about matching client needs with user interface.
We provide scalable solutions and the freedom to
be imaginative with design using CMS development.

The best CMS solutions are not only about usability,
but also aesthetics. With our CMS development services,
you receive expertise in both areas.

CMS Development & Content Management System Solutions India

Features of CMS Website Development

Popular features of CMS website development focus on the ability to update content quickly, alter design using templates, and a hierarchy of user seniority designations. Effective CMS content management system development services are all about offering an intuitive way to manage your site from a single control panel, rather than the necessity of knowing raw code or spending hours trying to tweak a tiny detail of your site. Our CMS solutions focus on saving you time, money, and frustration by providing all-inclusive, easy to use tools. If you’re looking for the best in CMS website development services, look no further than the expertise of EZ Rankings.

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Compare CMS Content Management Systems

Ez Rankings is able to work with numerous Content Management Systems CMS
Website Drupal
License Open Source Open Source Open Source GNU General Public
License version 3 (GPLv3)
Supported databases MySQL, PostgreSQL MySQL, PostgreSQL,
SQL Server
Content Approval
Email Verification 4k-5k
Authentication methods LDAP (plugin),
NTLM (plugin), Custom
LDAP, Custom LDAP, Custom ShieldPass OpenCart
Security Plugin
Plugin API
WYSIWYG Editor No Plugin
Caching No Plugin No Plugin
Load Balancing Yes Limited Yes Yes Limited
RSS (Content Syndication) No Plugin
Themes / Templates

Why hire EZ Rankings for your CMS development requirement

  • Our Custom CMS development services solutions have helped all size of organizations from setting up / expanding their online business
  • Custom design: We deliver customized solution with responsive website designs that is a perfect fit to your business.
  • Integration with other applications and designs
  • SEO compliance: Our CMS website developments will work to make your website receive great rankings from search engines
  • Our CMS solutions are user-friendly & you won’t need expertise for content management of your website.
  • You can add pictures, graphics, video/audios, text and other content as per your requirement.

EZ Rankings
Custom CMS Website Development Company India


Business growth depends on many factors, custom CMS website design development is one among them. Custom CMS Content Management System website development, India provides high-end CMS solutions that ensure the expected business growth. It is known that the suitable solutions are derived when the problem is analyzed thoroughly from the fundamentals. The CMS is an acronym for the content management system. This particular system helps people to manage the content without programming knowledge. The content management is made easy and it enables to add, refresh and update the content with new images and other essential features that assist in the maintenance of the content quality.

Irrespective of the size of the business enterprise, it has now become a necessary feature for the entire E-commerce portal who wishes to have a continuous business. The feature-rich CMS web design & development services save money reduces the time spent, and the efforts required managing the website. In fact, the CMS website design & development, India involves a whole bunch of new technologies that promote business. In the recent decades, content management is considered as one of the essential features of websites that cater to the business promotion.

The Custom CMS website development services & solutions prove to be highly user-friendly and enable clients to manage their websites after the installation. They can edit, add or remove any content without affecting other features of their websites. The change does not require the assistance of a web developer or a programmer. The tedious process of hiring competent persons and paying them hefty pay pockets can be avoided successfully through this software. The web design and development solutions are obtained by profound understanding the innate features of the concerned business. The company has a good track record extends highly resourceful results to their clients. A team of competent staff members provides all the essential features.

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